Much, much later…

WordPress you sonofabitch! I just wrote a thought provoking paragraph about why I haven’t updated in 7 months and you crash!?!

Tl;dr anyways… Having two bairns is tough and so is a broken foot. Here’s my stuff

Also, forgive all the watermarks, I don’t want any trolls stealing my shit.

Here is a SCA art/sci piece I am working on. I bought the linen at a secondhand “antique” store here in town for like $3. Heh, sucker, I would have paid TWICE that! It is something like 48 count, near as I can tell. It is done in a long arm cross stitch over 2, using DMC 321 (or 666 if you are old school). I took the pattern from a huge piece that was about 4×4 feet but had a lot of white space, I can’t be that wasteful so I’m just doing the center part. The dragon will repeat around the center 4 times. I feel like I read somewhere that early period dragons look more birdlike but I can’t confirm and my Google Fu is failing me tonight. At any rate, they look cool to me.



Next up, we have a little border piece I am doing for my Finnish garb. It is 64 (yes, 64) count linen done in split stitch, I don’t remember the colors, just that they matched my fabric the best!


Here is a leine (Irish shirt) I’m working on for Cairbre. I love blackwork, so he is getting a blackwork border around the bottom. I know this is not the period placement for embroidery, so feel free to bite me if you are going to leave a comment to this effect. It’s what he wanted, and that’s all I care about. Here it is, almost finished!



This is Enchanted Alphabet by Lavender and Lace, 28 count linen. This is the third time I’ve done this pattern, I love it 🙂 I keep giving them away


Here is Hydrangeas pillow by Donna Vermillion Giampa, JCS Magazine, April 2009. I have done a little popcorn on this one, I am hoping to finish it this summer. 28 count evenweave. I am a little obsessed with these pillows, I actually spent quite a lot of time on eBay collecting all the magazines these were in, I have about 15 left to do, just one done, the pumpkins (see previous entry). Front and back attached.



Wow, this is getting long! Now on to some Mirabilias. First up is Stargazer. I put her down for a bit because it is EXTREMELY EFFING difficult sewing on almost black fabric, I have to have a light in front of and behind the work. And that is a first class ticket to migraine country. This one will be slow going.


Next is my darling, Biancabella. I am in love with this piece, it may be one of my favorites that Nora has designed. And from quite an obscure fairy tale! Google it if you are interested, it’s pretty good. I love the colors and beading and everything! It’s supposed to be on a white background but what can I say, I’m a rebel. This one will go to the state fair if I get it done and framed this year.



So let’s move on to projects I want to do, maybe this summer, maybe sometime before I die at 128, according to a random Facebook quiz.

#1 – Harry Potter sampler by Cloudsfactory – getting around copyright laws by claiming “parody”? Ingenious! I wish I had $55 to purchase this pattern but alas, I do not. If you have $55, feel free to send this my way. I’d even make one for you!


#2 – Shakespeare’s Fairies by Mirabilia – all kitted out, I even have awesome green sparkly fabric to do this on, just need time to start it!


#3 Arezzo – I got this kit all the way from Italy but alas, I have not fully kitted it or started it…

#4 some more of these blasted Donna Vermillion Giampa pillows… But I love them so…

#5 I suppose I should make some birth samplers for my children before they turn 18 right…. Luckily I have some time.

Let’s see what the summer has in store for me!



3 thoughts on “Much, much later…

  1. You are soo talented. Thank you so much for sharing your passion.

  2. I love your Stargazer; I’ve just started her this week on a similar fabbie (more variation). I’ve been working on plain white 25ct for Fred (the NC Blue Monarch Flycatcher) and I’d forgotten the pain a dark fabric can bring!

  3. I tried stitching on black fabric once, and I abandoned it as soon as I knew it would be torturous! I’m even tempted to do another piece on black fabric, more than a few times. But you can’t stop – you’ve done so much…. Hahahaha…:D Seriously, I hope you’ll finish it. ;D

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