First finish of the summer

Here is my first finish of the summer! I have pretty much been bedridden from surgery so I was able to finish this piece in the last 3 weeks. I usually rotate my projects after a couple days, but I have been really trying to complete one of these never ending WIPs! This is the second pillow I have finished in the Donna Vermillion Giampa series, the first being Pumpkins. This is Hydrangeas, done on 28 count evenweave, I believe the fabric color is called mushroom.

I would really like to finish Biancabella this summer, and I plan on giving pattern darning a try for a possible art/sci project.






I should probably preface this post by reiterating that I love cross stitch. Before I had these wonderful children of mine, I could sit and sew for hours straight. I like to joke with my husband Cairbre that the only non child memory I have is sitting on the couch watching a 15 hour Angel and Buffy marathon and just sitting and working on a cross stitch. I literally have over a thousand patterns. I have binders and binders of them from years of magazine collecting and shopping on eBay when someone’s aunt/grandma/neighbor died and left them with a similar hoarder collection they don’t want. One such collection I have worked for years to collect is the Donna Vermillion Giampa pillow series that include fruits, vegetables, flowers, and seasons. They were published in Just Cross Stitch magazine over a dozen or so years and I am proud to say I have finally collected them all, Pokemon style. My plan, upon finishing them, is to make them into pillowcases and rotate them out.

The first one is a pumpkin pattern. It is done on 28 count evenweave over 2. I have two very small sections to finish on this one:



Next is a hydrangea pillow, also done on 28 count evenweave over 2.