Project of Doom

One of my long term projects is the aptly named Project of Doom. It is a paper pieced quilt I found on Fandom in Stitches. It is a Harry Potter themed bookshelf quilt. I was only able to complete one square before I was so heavily pregnant that I couldn’t lean over the sewing machine anymore… Sigh… But I am very excited to work on it. Here is my one square so far –


I imagine that I will end up making several of these as I definitely want one, and I know my boys will want their own as well. Luckily, Fandom in Stitches also has Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit quilts, so I will be busy for a very looooong time.

I posted some pictures of other quilters that have finished their quilts and made unique bookshelves or made changes or additions. I really like the sleeping dragon on top of the bookshelf, and I think I would like to replace the monster book with the Triwizard Cup. We shall see….







Deepest Love

Here is one of my oldest projects – Deepest Love by Mirabilia. Nora Corbett is one of my favorite designers, she has several mermaids I would like to eventually complete. This piece is on 32 count Zweigart blue linen over 2. The stitching is complete, I have a small amount of beading to do as well as some back stitch for the scales. I chose this piece first because it has been sitting in my UFO pile for some time and I would really like to finish it and get it in a frame!



Hello world!

Well, since I have so many works in progress and UFO’s (unfinished objects), I decided to create a blog to keep track of them. I’m no good at using Twitter since I don’t have interesting things to say often enough. I titled this blog “Enchanted Thread and Magical Musings” because one day, when I was sitting at the sewing machine, my son who we will call Pickle watched me sew two parts of a quilt block together and said, “Wow Mommy, you doing magic!” This was especially ironic because I was working on a Harry Potter quilt at the time. So now, whenever I am sewing, he always refers to it as magic.

I am an avid embroiderer, mainly cross stitch and blackwork, which I have been doing for about 20 years. I am branching out into other forms of embroidery, especially historical stitching, as well as tablet weaving. I started quilting about a year ago, so I will keep track of those projects as well. As a member of the SCA, I am interested in expanding into other art/sci realms such as hand sewing/costuming, millinery, fiber arts (spinning, dyeing, and so forth!), scribal, and string music. So for now, my blog will focus on that stuff I already know how to do, but I hope to expand in the next hundred years or so.

A little about me: I have a wonderful husband, Cairbre, and two sons, Pickle and Piglet. We live in one of the “Strawberry Capitals of the World” (since there seem to be more than one)… I am a teacher and very much enjoy what I do, along with the large amount of time off that this job allows. My other hobbies include baking, cake decorating, video games, travelling, camping, and of course spending time with my wonderful family.

Until next time!